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Empowerment meets transformation here at Best Self Coaching! We specialize in life coaching with a focus on empowering women to create the life they want for themselves. Life coaching assists women in setting goals, getting “unstuck”, discovering purpose, and making changes in their life. Women can unleash their full potential even after years of devoting their life to being a mom, wife, etc.
Our licensed life coach and doctor, Dr. Sandy Brannin, is devoted to supporting diverse women across the nation. Together, you will establish meaningful and achievable goals while ensuring that they align with your values and aspirations.

Our Mission and Vision

Best Self Coaching and Dr. Sandy Brannin dedicate themselves to empowering women to become the best version of themselves and who they want to be.

Read Our Client Testimonials

“My experience has been a game changer. The ways in which Sandy helped me think differently and outside of the box has made all the difference. The smallest thing of just changing my train of thought on day-to-day situations have helped me become more calm, joyful, and at peace with where I am at in life.”
– Morgan
“Coaching with Sandy is like talking to your BFF, without the BS. She hears you, and she’s not going to just let you go on believing that you’re at the mercy of your circumstances. She makes it comfortable, with a demeanor that says, ‘This is all normal and I totally get it girl.’ She has a direct and intuitive quality in what she offers that will actually change your life. Sandy’s questions are powerful, and I can tell she makes you think, and she makes you work. But that’s what we’re here for!”
– Hannah

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